How It Works

Step One: Schedule a Call

Click on the calendar and choose a time slot for a Free 30 minute consultation call. We will have a friendly chat about what boardsports you do I will explain in detail exactly how I will get you feeling better than you have done in years.

Step Two: Start On Your Chosen Plan


If it sounds good after our call you will choose a package option and we will get you started right away.

Step Three: Assessment Week

During the first week you will be sent a link to download our shared training app. Through the easy-to-use app I will plan a series of mobility assessment exercises for you and three baseline training sessions which will allow me to gauge your current level of fitness.


You will be invited to keep a food diary so I can analyse your current nutrition. This is so I can see what your current diet is like and if we need to adjust it to reach the specific goals we have set.

Step Four: Start Training

At the end of your assessment week I will design your personalised Fitness For Boardsports training plan and upload it onto the app for you to start following. Every exercise I set you will be accompanied by demonstration videos and instructions. It is via the app that you can send me videos for critique, ask me questions and track your workouts, achievements and nutrition,

​I will be there to plan, adjust, track and support your journey every step of the way.​