Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the investment?

I offer various packages for clients starting at approx £55 a week. On your Free consultation call (you can book this on the 'How It Works' page) I will listen to what you want to achieve and then explain the various options for you. Payment is taken at the beginning of the package via GoCardless to ensure security and ease. See also 'How Long Do I Have To Sign Up For?' My prices are based on the bespoke and personal service you will be getting and my long experience in the industry which gets results. If you are looking to really make a change to your health and fitness, online personal training is better value for money and hugely more flexible than having a trainer in person. See the question above for a breakdown of cost.

How much contact do we have?

As much as you wish. You can message me via the app during working hours (I live in the UK) and I always aim to respond within half an hour if not sooner. We also have a monthly video call. This is to ensure you understand the upcoming sessions and for me to explain anything I need to, for you to ask me any questions, to discuss your progress, keep you motivated and to ensure you are sticking to the plan.

Do I have to be into boardsports?

Yes. I specialise in training people to get fitter and stronger at their chosen boardsport and the training targets the specific muscles involved. I also love talking about those sports and hearing how people have noticed an improvement in their enjoyment of them due to their increased fitness. Boardsports are my passion. However, if you aren't into boardsports but feel as though my style of training would benefit you then please do get in touch and I would happy to discuss your own specific situation.

Will I need a gym membership?

Not always. It will depend on your goals. If you are someone who needs to get aerobically fit and perhaps lose a little weight then all of your sessions can be done from home with just a few basic bits of equipment. If however, you wish to get stronger and put on some muscle then it may be beneficial to have access to a gym. Having said that my style of training does not involve training on fixed motion machines so really all you will need is a barbell, a rack and enough weights for your level of ability. If that is at home or in a gym it is up to you. This will all be discussed in our first chat.

How often will I train?

That depends on a few factors such as your goals, your current fitness levels and your age. Taking the above into account (and depending on how much you actually want to train - this is important!) it will usually be between 2 - 5 sessions a week.

Can I ask you questions?

Absolutely. That's what I am here for. If at any point you have a question you can message me via the app or email and I will aim to reply within half an hour (during UK working hours) if not sooner. If it is outside of work hours then I usually respond anyway, but it may well be first thing the following day.

How will I know if I am doing the exercises correctly?

With every single exercise and stretch I set you there will be an accompanying video of that exercise being performed for you to watch. There are over 300 different videos. I also write out coaching points and cues for you to take note of. Plus, one of the best features of the app is that you can quickly upload a video of you performing the exercise for me to assess and coach you on, give feedback and discuss if needed during our messages and video calls.

Will we have virtual sessions on Zoom or Facetime?

No. All of your session plans are accompanied by demo videos alongside my coaching points so you will know exactly what to do and for how many reps and sets. It will not be an online fitness class. We use the monthly video sessions we do have to discuss any new movements coming up and you can send me videos of you doing an exercise for me to assess and give you feedback on throughout the week.

How do you track my progress?

As you complete your sessions and enter your weights, reps, distances, speed etc you log it all on the app. You have the ability to see graphs and stats of all your achievements over time instantly. We use many different metrics to track progress such as strength gains in weights, endurance improvements in times/speed, body measurements, body weight and looking at body composition changes via progress photos. I encourage you to take front and side photos of yourself at the start of the programme and then at 4 week intervals throughout our training. No-one other than myself will see those photos and they will remain confidential.

How do I receive the workouts?

I use a sophisticated but easy to use app that you and I have access to 24/7. I design your plan, upload it to the site and when you log in you will see it as a list of upcoming sessions. Clicking on any of the dates will bring up that days session along with notes, videos and instructions for you to follow. Once you have finished the session you enter any details required, weights, reps etc and any notes, questions or videos you wish me to see. I will get notification that you have completed the session and can return any notes or comments as needed. It all updates in real time. From the menu section you can also see your progression (see also 'How Do You Track My Progress' question below), your workout history, see any nutritional guidelines for the day and even store your progress photos. The app is completely free for you to use.

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Yes. You can cancel at any time, you will not be charged again and the access to your programme will last up to the end of your current payment period. If you decide you just need to pause your membership for a period of time that can be done as well and I will store all of your plans and progress for if you wish to return at a later date. If there is time outstanding on any payment period when you pause it, you will get this time back when you resume.

Will I get nutritional advice?

Yes. The training app we use can be linked directly to MyFitnessPal and I invite you log a typical one week food diary at the beginning of your plan. What you eat has a big impact on the results of your training; as they say, you can't out train a bad diet! Once we have a better idea of what your diet is like and based on your goals, I will adjust your macros accordingly and put the breakdown of daily protein, carbohydrates, fats and calories you should be consuming up on the app for you to see. You can continue to track your diet with MyFitnessPal following the new guidelines and it won't be long before you start feeling a difference.

Do I need any equipment?

If you are planning to do any home training sessions (we will discuss what works best for you and your goals in your initial consultation), then it would be useful to have a few inexpensive pieces of equipment such as a kettlebells, possible pull up bar, a mat, some small parallettes and a skipping rope. However, these aren't a necessity and if you have no equipment at all there are plenty of things I can still programme for you to get results. See also: 'Will I Need A Gym Membership?'

Is your coaching suitable for a complete beginner?

Yes, absolutely! I love working as much with seasoned athletes as I do with complete beginners. In fact, the joy I get from watching a newcomer to fitness see what their body is actually capable of is extremely rewarding for me. As a beginner I will give you clear, detailed instructions and videos, provide plenty of support via the messaging and note service on the app and have detailed discussions about certain exercises if needed during our video calls. We will start off slowly so your body can adapt to the training and the new stimulus and gradually ramp up the sessions over the weeks when you are ready. It is vitally important for your mental and physical wellbeing to keep your strength and fitness up as you get older so if you have never trained before then now is the time to start.

Do I have to have a video call?

No. If you would prefer to have a regular phone call then of course that is absolutely fine. The reason I prefer using video calls is because if there is anything I would like to demonstrate or show you for that week then it is better on video rather than trying to describe it. If you would prefer to just be in contact via email and messages then that is fine as well. However, I find that knowing you have a face-to-face video call with me does keep you on track and training hard!

Is online personal training better value than having a trainer in-person?

Yes. Online coaching provides superior value for money. Let's take a look at some figures below. A one-hour session with a personal trainer in the UK will cost you somewhere between £35 and £65 per hour depending on location and experience (more in bigger cities). And most trainers would suggest a minimum of 2 sessions a week to get results. So taking an average of £50 per session x 2 per week x 4 weeks (that's 8 sessions) in a month. This equates to £400 per month (or £100 a week). Alongside this you may get a plan of something to do when you are not with the trainer - but not always. Now consider a month of my online coaching: * Up to 5 x sessions a week uniquely planned for you with exercise videos, notes and coaching points (that's up to 20 sessions in total - well over double the above) * A monthly video call to check in and discuss your sessions and progress * The ability to upload your own videos for analysis at any time * Unlimited messaging service for advice, support and feedback * A comprehensive training app to track all of your achievements graphically and statistically over time * Nutritional advice and guidelines. You get all of the above with my online training starting from only £55 per week - just over half the cost for more than double the service. That's quite a difference in value for money. See also the question- 'How Much Is The Investment?'

Isnt it better to have a personal trainer in person?

Sometimes! When you want to learn a new skill that is technically demanding it is indeed much better to have a coach or trainer in person. If you wanted to learn the Olympic Lifts for example I would recommend getting a competent and qualified coach for a series of sessions in-person. These are hard movements to learn and you will make better progress face to face with a good coach rather than online. However for people who don't want to learn those movements and want the flexibility to train whenever they want, personal training online offers a more affordable, complete and flexible package by a long way. See 'Is Online Training Better Value Than Having a Trainer In-Person'

What happens after I sign up?

Once you have had your consultation call and if you decide you'd like to sign up I will email you the necessary links to download our training app. I will also email you a questionnaire to fill in before our second goals setting call that will cover such things as your health and fitness background, your sports, your goals and your current lifestyle in more detail.

During the first week you will be set a series of mobility assessment exercises and three baseline training sessions to allow me to see your current level of fitness. These will be adapted to you based on our initial chat.

You will be invited to keep a food diary so I can analyse your current nutrition. This is so I can see what your current diet is like and if we need to adjust it to reach the specific goals we have set. What you eat has a big impact on the results of your training; as they say, you can't out train a bad diet!

Once this is all complete your next 2 weeks of training will be uploaded to your personal page on our shared app for you to jump right into. I will design and add the following workouts to your programme as you log your results and complete your sessions.

What if I am already on my board a lot. Will the training still be beneficial?

Yes. Even if you surf, SUP, snowboard or kite a lot you will still benefit from my training plans. Although it is true that doing your favourite sport will keep you in good shape for it, everyone would still benefit from additional training on specific muscle groups, improving their cardiovascular efficiency and becoming more flexible. If you are a competing athlete we will really dial in the specifics, improve your weaknesses and take your performance to the next level. All athletes have fitness coaches these days and boardsports devotees should be no different.

Do you offer in-person training?

Yes. The vast majority of my time is spent with my online clients but I still do offer in-person sessions in specific situations. If you have a specific request such as learning Olympic Weightlifting or the more advanced gymnastic movements and live in the South East of the UK then do get in touch. And of course, if you are travelling overseas on a surf trip and want your coach along with you don't hesitate to ask! ;)

How long do I have to sign up for?

The minimum sign up period is 1 month.

I always encourage people to plan for training with me for 3 months initially as it is the perfect amount of time to get you integrated into my programme and get you some fantastic results. Whether it is a strength, fitness or flexibility focus, the progress you will see after 3 months will be amazing.

Have a read through the most common questions and answers below. It will give you a good idea of why online training is gaining in popularity and explains exactly how we will be working together.