Paddle Faster, Turn Harder And Feel More Flexible Than You Have In Years!

My Online Personal Training plans help people like you get fitter, stronger and more supple so you are always ready to enjoy your favourite boardsports.


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Do you want to feel in top shape every time you step or lay on your board?

Do you want more paddle strength, more endurance and to be more agile on your board?

My name is David and I have been a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach for 16 years. I have also been training, surfing and snowboarding for over 20 years. With Fitness For Boardsports I provide a highly bespoke service to a small number of clients at any one time and supercharge their fitness which can take their performance to the next level.

And of course you aren't just training to be fit for when you are on your board. Having a personalised, structured fitness plan is so beneficial in general. You will feel healthier, fitter, stronger and have more energy for whatever life throws your way!

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Train Well & Results Will Follow

Craig S

Click on the video to find out how Craig benefited from my training plans as he trained for the longest SUP race in the world!

“When I took on the challenge of the longest StandUp Paddleboard race in the world there was only one person I was going to get to train me for such an undertaking.


The change I have seen has been incredible. I have lost almost 10kg and 5% body fat and got so much fitter and stronger, especially in the essential paddling muscles of my shoulders, back and core. I went from being able to paddle for a maximum of 2 hours to only stopping after 7 hours because we ran out of river!


The plan was always interesting and fun and I honestly feel like I'm 30 again rather than 43!”

"I can't thank Dave enough and recommend him highly as a coach and trainer".

- Craig S

Chris Harrison Personal Training Client

Chris H

I’d never really taken fitness seriously until I met Dave. At the age of 42 I thought I was a bit of a lost cause, but with Dave’s expert help and guidance I discovered that fitness was something that I could easily achieve.

I’ve made fitness a priority for the last eight years. Had it not been for Dave’s introduction in how I could make it sustainable and enjoyable, I might have given up years ago. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from using Dave’s expertise to get fitter and live a healthier life.

Oli Spence 2.jpg

Oli S

I can vouch for how great this system is and how awesome a trainer Dave is! I have felt such a difference in my paddling strength since training with him. I have also noticed a great improvement in my flexibility as I always used to be so stiff, especially in my lower back and hamstrings.

I used to just pick random things to do in my training with no real structure or long term progression. So although I always trained, and liked to train hard, I never felt I really got anywhere. 

Dave really listens to what you want to achieve and then puts a plan in place to get you there. He is always available to answer questions and the video feedback is a great feature.

I'm definitely glad I started training with him and think anyone who is into boardsports would benefit a great deal.

Oni on gymnastic rings

Oni M

Dave is a fantastic coach. His positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious and this is just what I needed to help me build confidence and find the fun in training. Previously, sport and exercise in general was only ever something I did under duress but I knew I needed to change that for both my physical and mental well-being.

I've always harboured secret gymnastic ambitions and whilst I'll probably never make it to the Olympics (!!), I can now knock out a few decent looking pull ups and have recently got my first Muscle Up! His training plans are easy to follow and I can say from experience that if you commit, you'll definitely get the results you're after!

Kay Sexton Personal Taining Client

Kay S

I’ve been fortunate enough to have David as my personal trainer for over seven years. I’m by no means a traditional athlete, but Dave has helped me achieve several lifetime goals including getting my first double-unders, despite my hearing imbalance, piriformis injury and general lack of coordination! I’ve also watched him train friends of mine who are triathletes, paddle-boarders and golfers to improve their overall performance. Dave is patient, inspiring and excellent at programming to help people achieve their best.

Tash Harrison Personal Training Client

Tash H

Dave coached me for a few years in my early forties. I was pretty unfit at the time and had a long-standing back injury. I was apprehensive about not being able to do most of the exercises and/or making my back worse. But Dave had exactly the right balance of patience, understanding and encouragement. He knew when to push me further and knew when I needed to scale things down, and with his help I gradually built up my strength and fitness to a much healthier place. Dave is a warm, friendly person and an expert in fitness – I would totally recommend him.

Matt Warren Personal Training Client

Matt W

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave for a number of years now. The way he coaches and the attention that he pays to technique, pre-existing injuries and your own personal goals is something that I personally find elevates him above anyone else I’ve used in the past.

Every work out will be totally different, challenging and will help you towards your target. He is never in a rush and you always feel like he has spent time thinking and preparing your sessions.

I would very much recommend working with Dave to anyone, particularly if you are focused on achieving some fitness goals – on top of being a brilliant trainer he is also a great guy whose company you will enjoy too!

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